DISSONIQ CONFORMITY is an apparel fundraiser that helps you generate profits for your school!

Profits go to your school’s music and arts program or wherever you see fit. With our apparel sales program, your school will make a guaranteed minimum per item sold:

$9 per shirt  •  $7 per hat  •  $4 per necklace

NO UP FRONT COSTS – you pay nothing and everything is made to order
WE DO THE WORK FOR YOU – backpack flyer provided – just distribute to students
ADDED SUCCESS – we offer workshops and discounted entertainment services to better get to know your school and help promote the fundraiser

Portions of our profits are set aside for:

  1. Music and Arts programs in school
  2. Instruments and lessons for students
  3. District and state scholarships for students to apply toward college tuition
  4. Continuing education program for teachers

All schools who host this fundraiser become eligible for discounted services for live music  entertainment, DJ, or sound needs you may need throughout the year for any of your school events (Prom, end-of-year events, Teacher Appreciation Night, Auction Night, etc).
This is also a great way to kick-start a campaign to make sure that the fundraiser is promoted to its full advantage.

DISSONIQ CONFORMITY means the coming together of people and the universal value that music has. No matter what color you are, or what language you speak, we can all nod our heads to a simple beat. It is also the only universal written language. “Dissoniq” drives from “DISSONANT”, meaning  “lacking harmony, off-key, harsh in sound” which represents the troubles we deal with these days in the world.  The definition of CONFORMITY is “behavior in accordance with socially accepted conventions or standards”  which represents the good and the coming together of people.

We live in a dissonant world that does not always resonate harmony and does not agree with most of our ideas of a peaceful conformity. But one thing I find so interesting is our common love and need for sound. Whether you are a musician or you just love listening to music in your car or at a concert with thousands of strangers, it is a world wide, vibrant sense we all share.   It is a common thread that binds us together like blood pumping through our veins. It is a part of us all.

To place your order, call (720) 939-1283 or email dissoniqconformity@gmail.com