Solo artist finalist of the year 2013



Everytime Dave’s up here the regulars are happy to see him walk in, and always plays our regulars favorites!

Anna- The Glenn

We book Dave here regularly cause once people see him start to play they want to stick around! He’s the only musician that beat boxes, plays guitar, and piano, and oh yea sings too lol! It’s just as fun to watch him build a song as it is to hear it come together.

Bennett – Floodstage

Dave’s awesome! We let him try out a Friday happy our three years ago when he first started playing out apperantly, and have had him back as our Friday happy hour entertainment ever since. People never get tired of him!

Domonic-Retro Room

Dave played his first gig ever here in April of 2011 for a fundraiser, and we’ve had him back ever since as our one and only house musicians. He’s covers captivating material and a very unique style.

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